GTA 5 Exploits

A total of 77 PC exploits are present in GTA 5. Some exploits and Tips are in single player mode while others are only available in Online mode. See below the list of exploits of GTA V and a short description and a picture accompanying them.Please note that some exploits represent spoilers.


Grand Theft Auto V

Welcome to Los Santos

Grab a car before racing through the streets of a sunny metropolis.

Resurrected friendship

With friends like that, who needs enemies?

Honest salary

It’s time to take a little trip …

Moment of truth

Find out what really happened to Brad.

Live or die in Los Santos

Complete the last mission.

Hard as for diamond

Devalue Vangelico to pay your debt to Martin Madrazo.


Steal a great experimental weapon at Merryweather … and give it up.

Returns inside

Complete a sacking in the rules.


Make a strong impression at the Paleto Bay Chicken Festival.

Government minions

Steal confidential information in a secure federal building.

The turn of the century

The dream has come true.

Gold stitched

Earn 70 gold medals in the missions of history and strangers and broken.

Career criminal

Complete the game 100%.

Visit (not) guided

Explore every corner of Los Santos and Blaine County.

Result of the races

Buy Downtown Cab Co. and finish a private race.

Armed to the teeth

Buy the McKenzie Field Hangar and win the arms race.

Touch all

Earn a gold medal in all activities (hobbies and hobbies) where possible.

At the 50 corners of the galaxy

Collect all the pieces of the spaceship.

Case closed

Solve the mystery of Leonara Johnson.

Waste management

Buy the old wharf and collect all the nuclear waste.

Furious madness

Finish all the carnage.


Complete all the stunts.


Achieve enlightenment … or not.

Trio of shock

Off mission, gather the 3 protagonists and survive for 3 minutes with at least 3 stars.

Outside the bathing area

It will take a bigger boat …

Acolyte of the Altruists

Drive an unsuspecting victim to the Altruists’ sect.


Spend more than $ 200 million total between the three characters.

Man of actions

Make a profit on the total of your investments on the stock exchange.

Weapon tuning

Modify a weapon completely.

Wanted keen or lively

Deliver a wanted wanted criminal.

Los Santos Customs

Modify a vehicle completely.


Complete all challenges Under the Bridge and Flight on the Edge.

A different point of view

You played GTA V in first person view for 15 hours.

First steps

GTA Online: Finish the introduction.

Gangster in grass

GTA Online: Reach rank 25.

In progress

GTA Online: Reach rank 50.

Above the laws

GTA Online: Reach rank 100.

Number uno

GTA Online: Rank first in all competitive modes.

Midnight Club LS

GTA Online: Win 5 races with custom vehicles.

The law of the strongest

GTA Online: Complete the 10 waves of a Survival game.

Victorious cooperation

GTA Online: Reach first place in a rally race as co-driver.


GTA Online: Survive for a day with a bonus on your head.

Blank slate

GTA Online: Complete a gang attack without dying and killing at least 10 enemies.

Champion Online

GTA Online: Earn 30 platinum awards.

Burglar expert

GTA Online: Check out the 20 stores.

Have a good stay

GTA Online: Take part in all that Los Santos has to offer.

To win his crewte

GTA Online: Complete an activity with a crew.


GTA Online: Kill the thief who assaulted you.

3615 using

GTA Online: Ask the gang for reinforcements for the first time.

The American dream

GTA Online: Own a house, a garage and an insured vehicle.

Grand Theft Auto Online: Braquages


GTA Online: You have completed a preparatory robbery mission.

For science

GTA Online: You have completed the robberies “Raid on Humane Laboratories” and “Starting Capital”.

Cash withdrawal

GTA Online: You have completed the “Fleece Breaks” and “Pacific Standard Breaks” robberies.

Unconditional freedom

GTA Online: You have completed the “Release from Prison” robbery.

Investment at risk

GTA Online: Invest your own money to organize a robbery.

Total equity

GTA Online: As a leader, grant a 25% share to each member of a robbery.

we only live once

GTA Online: Spend a total of $ 8,000,000 on vehicles purchased from the Braquages Update.


GTA Online: Complete the final phase of a robbery without suffering damage.

Crime Engineering

GTA Online: Earn 25 Platinum Medals in preparatory or final robbery missions.

Grand Theft Auto V: Rockstar Editor

Visionary of Vinewood

Create and publish a video using the Rockstar editor.

Prolific director

Create and export 10 videos with the Rockstar Editor.

The cassos of Los Santos

Unlock all special characters and enter Director mode with one of them.

Young first

Use Director mode for the first time with an unlocked actor.

The beast lives in me

Use the Director mode for the first time with an unlocked animal.

Choral movie

Unlock all the main characters and enter the director mode with one of them.

Movie (of) worship

Use the Director mode with Scream Shaping.

Change of scenery

Visit all the places proposed in the Director mode.

A tailor-made role

Use the Director mode with one of your characters online.


You have unlocked all usable animals in the Director mode. Well almost…

Grand Theft Auto Online: The Braking of the End of the World

We are getting ready

GTA Online: You have prepared the Braking of the end of the world.

Data leak

GTA Online: You have completed Act I of the Braking of the End of the World.

Code name: Bogdan

GTA Online: You have completed Act II of the Braking of the End of the World.

A scenario of end of the world

GTA Online: You have completed Act III of the Braking of the End of the World.

A world that deserves to be saved

GTA Online: You have completed the Braking of the end of the world.

Orbital atomization

GTA Online: You killed a player with an orbital gun.


GTA Online: You have completed the 3 Elite Challenges of the End of the World Braking.

Genies of crime

GTA Online: You have completed the 3 Criminal Brain Crisis of the End of the World challenges.

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